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Arts & Crafts

We at the Chenille Kraft Company are dedicated to supplying products and activities that promote creativity. Our free projects are designed to be fun for kids of all ages— and easy (to implement) for teachers and parents.

Craft projects provide a multitude of benefits. They help:

  • Build and maintain fine motor skills
  • Emphasize teamwork, patience and determination
  • Provide outlets for artistic expression
  • Improve quiet-time work skills
  • Give children a sense of accomplishment
  • Children learn there is no right or wrong way to be creative

Pick a Project

Recent studies confirm what parents and teachers already know. Children who receive regular exposure to art and music do better in math and science. So - pick a project, they’re free for the taking!

Provide-a-Project—and earn free supplies!

We’re always looking for new projects and ideas. Do you have one that’s fun and educational? Submit your project here! If we use it on our website, we’ll send you free Chenille Kraft supplies for your next project. Thanks in advance for sharing!